If they zerg your Shaman you just need to have your Lock fear their Pally instantly and they basically will always trinket first fear into another and you can just be raping their Warrior really hard and the Paladin generally will just trinket into a second fear then try to AM and if you get another fear or w/e on that they just bubble after that it's just basically living until the Pally is stuck in a full CC chain. Your Spriest really has to help out a ton w/ healing on the Shaman and and try to get the DK to blow Lichborne / Trinket pretty early as well so you'll be able to get him caught in full fears a bit later on.

If you try too hard to peel and aren't putting out a ton of damage their pressure never stops so it's honestly better to just peel with damage on the Warrior to force him to D up or die. As long as you get the early CCs out on the Pally and get a ton of damage out on the Warrior you'll probably be doing pretty well. As someone else said Silencing DK and gripping your Shaman is really good to do as well, especially on maps w/ an upper / lower level. Also Curse of Weakness is a big friend of yours for w/e Melee you're not immediately trying to kill but Elements should pretty much always be up on w/e you're focusing because you need to create counter pressure.

Spriest can also be extremely helpful w/ MDing Strang, HoJ, Hungering Cold and so on, and having your Shaman dispel your Felhunter out of Turn Evil's to lock the Paladin can really fuck them pretty hard cause if the Pally gets locked out they'll fall insanely far behind. Another trick that helps a lot is if they're zerging your Shaman really hard when he Spirit Links you can Soul Burn Healthstone and your Priest can Healthstone as well to give him a lot more HP.

Of the three comps you mentioned fmp should be the hardest, then rmp, and rls last.

Vs RLS - Main Strategy - continually keep pressure on the shaman and warlock. Keep a dot(s) on the rogue to keep him in combat. Shaman should be WS'ing hex's and UA's.
- Kill Targets - Shaman(best), Lock(after pet nuke), Rogue(after cloak).

Vs RMP - Main Strategy - Pressure mage hard while Priest is in cc with your shaman purging mage. Dot/fear/kill the mage pet to minimize alot of control from this comp. Best time to burst the mage is when you catch the mage with a spell-lock in his frost school. Save psychic horror/hex for when the priest pops inner focus. Have mass-dispel ready and you should land a kill
- Kill Targets - Mage(best), Priest(if in a bad spot), Rogue(after cloak)

Vs FMP - Main Strategy - Do what shadowplay does best, spread dmg on all three targets. Lock out all mage shatter attempts via spell-lock, wind shear and fears. Main pressure on feral while priest is cc'ed or mage locked from frost to keep him defensive with little to no peels/heals. You may get a lucky kill on feral but chances are with that much spread dmg and pressure on the feral should force the priest or mages health low while trying to keep the feral topped. As soon as a feral goes defensive the math should swing in your favor. Save trinkets for cyclones. Tremor/Dispel/mass dispel all other cc.
- Kill targets - Mage(best), Feral(good cc on mage priest and he has no cd's), Priest(after Pain sup)

Hope some of this helps. We don't lose to the RLS, or RMP very often but FMP can be tricky. We play around the 1900 mmr area atm so higher ratings may change the strat a little but not much.

Kittycleave: Trains our shammy and he can't survive more than 1 min. We put pressure on both feral and warr while focusing burst on warrior, fear the druid everytime dr's off, instant fear them both as we can't seem to get enough room for our shammy, disarm warr's reck, leap of fate shammy away which doesn't help too much, cc the pally whenever fear's on dr on druid, a quick mc on the warrior if our shammy still needs help, shield +2-3 flash heals at the max on our shammy, and yet we can't get a kill on either before our shammy is dead. It's impossible for him to survive even after their offensive cooldowns are off. The map wasn't quite good for us (nagrand arena) as we usually do better on a z-axis map. (MC warr off bridge and stage ftw)
Edit: We easily beat kittycleaves if they try to tunnel me or the warlock

KFC: They train me and all I can say is they don't do any kind of CC on our shammy most of the time as I dispel every trap and HoJ he gets, we put pressure on both DPS while maximizing dps on warrior, my lock swaps fears between both hunter and pally, we try to go for quick switches for more pressure but we can't get them within kill range before warrior pops reck and I'm dead.We keep disarm and deathcoil for reck, hex the pally and sometimes hunter when pally is feared. I'd also like to mention that lossing hunter is impossible as he has freedom most of the time. Again this happened on nagrand arena map. I faked all interrupts as well (me being the priest), but sometimes I can't get my fear on the pally as he's too far away and sometimes I need to use it on both of them to get some space.

P.S : The shammy isn't doing anything wrong, he's actually very good, he just can't survive nor keep me up against meele cleaves because overextending means a loss for us as he burns more mana than the pally

Any tips on what we're doing wrong would be very appreciated and in my opinion the problem is either the map or just them being a counter to us (Hpal lmfao), I'd still like some tips on how you guys handle them as shadowplay (Tosan and Nevershock help plox! Very nice and helpful videos btw)

RMP - We find this difficult especially with undead priests. So far we feel like the best way to beat this team is to maximize our CC on the priest and try to produce a lot of pressure on either rogue or mage, or both. However we almost always have to blow our horror, silence and psychic scream on the mage and rogue in the smoke bomb because they tend to destroy our sham pretty hard with the opener.. After a while when its calmed down a bit we try to throw a lot of CC and interrupts on the priest while having 1-2 targets fully dotted and mind spiking/blasting the other. The difficult part with UD priests especially is the fear ward/wotf once we start to get some pressure rolling. Sometimes we win but against competent ones its difficult.

Kitty cleave - This is very difficult as they seem to tunnel our shaman to the ground and when fear is fully DRd on the feral theyre slowly burning through our CDs and eventually scoring a kill. One thing that I admit I haven't tried and was thinking about doing is me healing loads on our shaman until we burned through pala bubble / fear DR on feral and warrior burst CDs and then going back offensive again.. what do you guys think?

Kittycleave you shouldn't really lose to if they are stupid enough to go on your shamans. Don't bother trying to peel them outside of howl/psychic scream and shadowflame and maybe a disarm on reckstorm, but instead, just concentrate on doing maximum amount of damage while your warlock controls the healer. You should be able to force them both defensive within 10-15seconds if you know what you are doing. Just start the match by fearing the paladin really agressively in the start (the one who is not getting controlled goes for the initial fear), then just go all out damage on the dps while spam fearing the feral if your warlock doesn't have anything else to do. Your shaman should easily survive untill you have forced them defensive, and after that, if they have any pressure left, few shields and maybe a flash heal or two will keep your shaman alive (at this point the kittycleave has no offensive cooldows left). Meanwhile you keep control on the paladin and global the feral.

vsPHD http://ja.twitch.tv/egazael/b/294696754
fearは少なめ火力に専念 CoE
ディスペルして体力が減ったPalにスイッチはアリ(Ring of Valor)

メインターゲット DK、mage

vsWarr Rogue Hpal
メインターゲット Warr

vsDK ret Pri
メインターゲット DK ret
lockがpriをとにかく止める 俺がミスると勝てない


vsDK mage Pri
とにかく苦手 ヒーラーが死んじゃう

vs FireFrost pri

vs Lock Ele HolyPal

メインターゲット feral shm mage


メインターゲット warr

vsWarr ret RestDru





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