RLS Overview

Strategy verse Specific Compositions

TSG-:deathknight::paladin::warrior: Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior …………8/10 difficulty level

As soon as you realize that you are going up against TSG, get ready for fast fingers. This team will rush into you to either cleave your Warlock or your Shaman.

Things to watch out for:
Death Knight:
1. Death n’ Decay – Every Death Knight will come running towards your Shaman and Warlock with a Death n Decay (also known as DnD) which if hits them puts the Death Knight in combat, but its main purpose to is knock you out of stealth
2. Ice Bound Fortitude – Be aware of that fact that as soon as the Death Knight uses this ability you will be unable to stun him for 15 seconds. DO NOT Kidney Shot this for you will make it go on cooldown.
3. Lichborne – This ability makes the Death Knight immune to Sap therefore once you see him use this ability do not stay close for an AoE will surely follow this action.
1. Intimidating Shout - Due to Glyph of Intimidating Stack, Warriors have an instant AoE attack with a 15 yard range that will usually be spammed even after they charge one of your team players. If you realize this, your best shot is to stay a safe distance away from the warrior or time your opener in between his global cooldowns. Shadowstep opener is a way to avoid getting knocked out.

Strategy #1:

As they rush towards you be aware that the Death Knight and Warrior have large Area of Effect (AoE) attacks that will have the purpose of knocking you out, so stay line of sight or a safe distance away.

I found that our best strategy was to open with a garrote onto the Death Knight for a 5 second silence and Kidney Shot right after with a Smoke Bomb on top. Set the warrior as your focus and focus blind him as quickly as possible hopefully forcing a trinket which should be followed up by a Hex from your Shaman. Your warlock should get fear on the Holy Paladin as quickly as possible which is usually done by a Howl of Terror. If the paladin does not trinket the fear then recognize where his positioning is and be ready to vanish and sap him off the fear. If the Paladin or Death Knight does not trinket then a kill can definelty be achieved. If they do trinket in order to survive, wait 18 seconds for Diminishing Returns on your stuns. At this time you can vanish and Cheap Shot the warrior to peel followed up by a Dismantle, thus forcing you to Preparation for the switch to the Death Knight. Now Vanish and open up on the Death knight with the same rotation of Garrote into a Kidney Shot (Preferably with the Shadow Step Kidney Shot macro so as to prevent dodging and parrying) with a Smoke Bomb on top (Preparation for the 2nd Smoke Bomb). If you believe that you can get the kill you Shadow Dance at this time and hopefully get a kill. If the Death Knight has not trinketed yet, he will surely use it now thus follow-up with a Death Coil. Overall the paladin should be forced to trinket and bubble very fast DEFENSIVELY allowing for a quick switch to him or the warrior who should continually be Focus Dismantled and Hexed.

Strategy #2--continued

The Death Knight has just trinketed the opener as well as the warrior and quite possibly the Holy Paladin. Do not go onto the Holy Paladin before he bubbles unless he is very low. If everything is still on Diminishing returns on the Death Knight a great 2nd plan is to peel for 10 seconds while Kidney Shot is on Cooldown, when it is off DR, vanish to the Warrior, Preparation and Premed—ambush---Kidney Shot—Smoke Bomb---Shadow Dance—Death Coil to follow up the Kidney Shot into a Dismantle if hes still alive. The great thing about Smoke Bomb is that even if there is No CC on the Paladin, the warrior will still die. At this time Fear will also be off Diminishing returns, so one Fear will force a Bubble defensively.

Strategy #3--continued

If you can get a Sap on the Death Knight, then a Fear onto the Paladin and an opener on the warrior with a Cheap Shot—Kidney Shot—Dismantle, this is forcing trinkets. And as RLS, we love trinkets because We will peel and wait out Diminishing Returns and do the same plan again to the warrior, with a vanish ambush—Kidney Shot or a Cheap Shot into a Kidney Shot, with a Smoke Bomb placed on top followed up by a Death Coil. This would be the right time to Shadow Dance. You can also hop onto the Death Knight to peel of your Shaman, just use Hemorrhage to get combo points for a 5 Combo point Recuperate, then get another 5 combo points, wait for a full energy bar, make sure your warlock is attacking the Warrior while your peeling the Death Knight and when Kidney Shot is off Diminishing Returns, redirect the combo points to the Warrior and Shadowstep Kidney with a Smoke Bomb, thus saving you a Vanish. Naturally this is a great time to Shadow Dance for he should he low on health because of Dots and Smoke bomb gives you protection.

Overall, make sure that whoever you switch to is fully dotted and always call out before you are about to Shadow Dance on someone. If you do ever switch to warrior with a smoke bomb on top of your kidney, make sure to dismantle him right as the kidney ends to prevent Shield Wall. Make sure your warlock is Counter-spelling the Holy Paladins casted heals as well as keeping dots up on the warrior and Death Knight to allow each of them to be kill targets. When the Warlock Fears the Paladin be aware of his positioning so you can always potentially Sap off it.
Ofcourse things can always go wrong which can usually mean a loss, but that’s RLS, play flawlessly or get globaled.

WLD:warrior::warlock::druid:---Druid, Warlock, Warrior…………..Difficulty Level 5/10

We have gone up against a few of WLD teams since the Arena Reset and if they know how to peel off each other, the match can be difficult.

Fear the Restoration Druid as soon as you see him, they have no way to break this and if you can get a sap off this you are golden. If the druid does not trinket the fear then I like to vanish sap him, and sit in stealth and sap him 3 times while my warlock solo’s there team.


Open up with Premeditation, Garrote on the Warlock and a Shiv to apply crippling poison and to ensure hes not getting away. At the same time make the Warrior your focus target and focus Blind him usually causing a trinket. Kidney Shot the Warlock and Smoke Bomb on top of him. If the warrior trinketed, Hex him, and with full dots on the warlock in a smoke bomb while you are stabbing him in the back, he is going to trinket. Remember that you want to fear the Druid as soon as possible and if he doesn’t trinket, your using your first Vanish to sap him off it. Peel the Warrior with a Dismantle while Kidney Shot is on Cooldown, and as soon as it comes off Cooldown you have two options.

1. Vanish premeditation—Garrote the Warlock into a Kidney and Smoke Bomb on target and Shadow Dance with a Death Coil off the Kidney Shot.
2. Vanish --premeditation--Ambush the Warrior into a Shadowstep Kidney Shot with a Smoke Bomb on top and Shadow Dance with a Death Coil off the Kidney.
3. Make a hard switch to the Druid with a Garrote—Kidney Shot—Death Coil. Before you do this switch, make sure your Shaman has him fully purged, and attempts to purge the Barkskin when you switch.

RLS—Rogue/Shaman/Warlock:rogue::shaman::warlock: Difficulty Level = 5/10

Basically this game comes down to who is the more skilled team. Most teams will just go on your Shaman for he is easy to be zerged down, which is also partly due to the fact that most Rogues are still playing mutilate when we verse them in this composition. We like to Sap anyone who we can, and open on warlock with full Dots, Garrote—Kidney Shot—get a full Recuperate Up. As soon as Rogue opens, Blind him as quickly as possible so as to force a trinket and thus making him a target for a hard switch. Hex the Shaman as soon as diminishing returns falls off from Sap, and either

1. Vanish to the Warlock—Premeditation—Garrote—Hemorrhage—Kidney Shot—Smoke Bomb—Backstab (Do not use Shadow Dance yet for the Warlock will most likely trinket now)
2. Vanish to the Rogue—Premeditation—Ambush—Kidney Shot—Smoke Bomb—DPS Trinket—Shadow Dance—Death Coil off the Kidney Shot.
3. Switch Shaman, fear Warlock or rogue, Garrote—Kidney Shot—Death Coil (Once again, Do not Dance if the Shaman has trinket for the Kidney Shot)

If you are going to ever fear anyone, you MUST kill Tremor Totem. If you get a full Fear on the Shaman with Tremor Totem down, you are causing a lot of pressure, and you have the opportunity to Vanish Sap, or Shadow Dance Sap off the Fear. It will be very hard to get a kill against this team without Shadow Dance, so use this ability at a very good time.

Druid/Paladin/Warrior :druid::paladin::warrior: Difficulty Level = 6/10
Due to the incredible buffs to Feral Druids, they have the ability to solo your Shaman and Warlock and with a Warrior on them too, this game will go by fast.

Basic Strategy:
1. Fear Holy Paladin and Sap off it if they do not trinket.
2. Blind Feral Druid to get his Trinket
3. Disarm Warrior to peel.
4. Hex Warrior to peel, or Hex Paladin to force a Bubble.

Open on Warrior with a Cheap Shot and Blind Feral Druid as quickly as possible. Fear Paladin as quickly as possible as well so as to prevent a Bop. Once Druid trinkets, make sure he is fully dotted, and Vanish—Ambush—Kidney Shot—Smoke Bomb—Shadow Dance with DPS trinket—Death Coil off the Kidney Shot. By now the Druid is dead or the Paladin has bubbled and saved him and is prime for a switch too. Either repeat this opener on the Druid or Hex Warrior and switch to Paladin with Vanish—Garrote—Kidney Shot. Overall this team is very Crowd Controllable but can only be peeled in the beginning of the match with stuns and can global your partners very easily. If you can survive the Druids Berserking, then you have a good chance of winning. Make sure your Warlock dots up everything that moves, and use your vanishes wisely for the combination of your saps off fear and your openers from stealth, are the only ways of creating pressure against this team.

Wizard Cleave—Mage/Shaman/Warlock:mage::shaman::warlock: Difficulty Level: 9/10

Any sort of spell cleave is very hard to beat as RLS: They have two Counterspells, three crowd controls, tremor totem, multiple ways to peel, defensive cooldowns that will always save them Ex: Ice Block and Port.

Attempt to get a Sap on the Shaman which may or may not happen depending on what map you are playing on. Also, be aware that if the Warlock or Mage send their pet in, they will be in combat AND if the Shaman gets a heal out on either one of these pets, he also will be put in combat. If you do get a sap, pat yourself on the back, and call your teammates in. Have your Warlock kill Tremor Totem and follow-up the Sap on the Shaman with a Fear. Have your Shaman open up with a Hex on the Mage, and if necessary, open up with a juke so as to prevent a lock on a Counterspell on him. The Warlock and Rogue should open on the other teams Warlock with full dots and a Garrote—Kidney Shot. The Warlock should continually be dotting the Mage up as well so as to make him a good switch target. Do not attempt to sap the Shaman off the Fear on this occasion if you got the initial Sap for it will be on Diminishing returns. Fear the Shaman again if possible and go for that kill on the Warlock. Counterspell the Shamans first cast and shock the mage as frequent as possible.

Now you can either:

1. Stick on Warlock and get a full Recuperate and a full Slice n Dice. Either wait out diminishing returns and repeat this rotation by fearing Shaman, killing Tremor Totem, Vanish and Sap off the Fear, Shadowstep to Warlock and rinse and repeat the original opener with a smoke Bomb on Top. Someone is going to use their trinket to survive, so wait out diminishing returns and do this again but with a Shadow Dance and a Death Coil off the Kidney Shot.

2. Hex Mage, switch Shaman with your first Vanish, into a Garrote—Kidney Shot.
A. Shadow Dance here so as to force a trinket, for if he doesn’t trinket, he should die. Now, just wait out Diminishing returns from Fear, Switch to Warlock and Blind Shaman. Towards the end of the Blind, use your 2nd Vanish to Sap him off the Blind and open with a Garrote onto the Warlock. Considering he should have trinket, Death Coil off the Garrote and instead of using Kidney Shot, go all out DPS on the Warlock with Eviscerate. If he does trinket, Kidney Shot him and Smoke Bomb on top.
B. Blind Warlock during this switch which should be enough pressure for him to use his trinket. If not, throw in some Shaman Lava Burst and kill the Shaman. If the Warlock does trinket, peel for your teammates for 16 seconds while Kidney Shot is on diminishing returns. Use your 2nd Vanish to switch to Warlock who should be fully dotted, Hex Shaman or Fear him with a kill on Tremor Totem, Garrote Warlock into a Kidney Shot with a Smoke Bomb on top and Shadow Dance him into a Death Coil.

3. Train Mage until he uses all of his Ice Blocks and get a good Fear onto the Shaman and a quick kill on Tremor Totem. Towards the end of the Fear, Shadow Dance sap him off of it, Shadow Step to the Mage with a Garrote right after and spam Ambush/eviscerate. Remember to use Premeditation in your Dance. This plan is much riskier for a good mage will save Ice Block until he feels very pressured. Also, use Shadowstep with caution for if you use it while the Mage’s Blink is still on Cooldown, he will Blink away to kite you some more. The best way to put pressure on the Mage is for your Shaman to Dispels any nova’s and slows that he applies to you, Purge off his Ice Barriers, and to make sure Crippling Poison is always on him. If you also Shadow Dance on the Mage, it will be very hard to have an effective Dance without using Cloak of Shadows offensively.

Key Points:
1. If you’re going to Hex someone, make it either the Mage or the Shaman, and make sure who ever is not in the Hex, is Feared so he cannot Decurse his teammate.
2. Always kill Tremor Totem before, or as you Fear.
3. Warlock will Port when he’s in trouble, try to save Shadowstep as a gap closer.
4. Use Cloak of Shadows wisely, the only time you should Cloak of Shadows offensively is if you switch to a target who does not have trinket and is sitting in a stun or Garrote Silence and you are going for kill. Only Cloak of Shadows defensively if your Shaman is in a full Fear, Polymorph, Counterspell, and Hex and cannot break it.

MLD---:mage::warlock::druid: Druid,Mage,Warlock......Difficulty Level: 5/10

The strategy for this comp is exactly the same for the strategy for Wizard cleave except there is no Tremor Totem, therefore getting a Fear on the Druid puts out an enormous amount of pressure and is inescapable without a trinket. Use this to your advantage. Naturally, this means that you don't necessarily have to Sap off the first Fear, for a Fear on the Druid followed by a Hex with pressure on the Mage or Warlock should force a trinket itself. Now just watch Diminishing returns on Gladius, and communicate with your Warlock in order to get a full Blind on the enemy Warlock (to force a trinket), and a full Fear on the Druid into a sap via Shadow Dance or Vanish. This Vanish should lead into a Garrote-Kidney Shot opener to the Warlock, followed by a Shadow Dance, Smoke Bomb and a Death Coil. The trick to winning this match is playing defensive and surviving the time in between Diminishing returns so you can get your full Crowd Control rotation.

Key points:

1. When you go for a kill on Warlock, do not leave any time in between the Garrote silence and Kidney shot (into a Death Coil) for if the Warlock ports he will survive.
2.Your Shaman should Focus the Mage and be Wind Shearing him at every opportunity.
3.Your warlock should be Counterspelling Cyclones from the Druid as much as possible.
4.When you go for kill, and your CC rotation is unbreakable, Cloak of Shadows offensively so you cannot be peeled unless you need the global cooldown and are safe in the Smoke Bomb.
5. This team has two Counterspells, make sure your teammates are prepared to fake cast.

Shadow Shatter--Mage,Priest, Shaman :mage::priest::shaman:......Difficulty Level: 9/10

Incoming Strategies once we perfect it. We have versed various full gladiator teams of this composition and with defensive Dispel, Tremor Totem, Dispersion, double Decurse and off-healing, this is by far a true test for RLS. It all involves timing on CC on the Shaman and DPS on the Spriest (twice, silly dispersion).





Guild:Foxtail Grass